Make Your Own Sea Glass Jewelry

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The Basics of Making Your Own Sea Glass Jewelry

Jewelry Making for the Beginner

Before you begin, you will need a place to work.  Any comfortable, flat surface or table will do--preferably with good lighting.
I recommend a cushioned surface cover.  I use a small piece of vinyl flooring that I can roll up and put away when I'm not using it--it protects my surface below(usually the dining room table) and my glass above.  I use an adjustable high intensity lamp and always wear eye protection!

Next you will assemble your tools and supplies. You will need your sea glass, of course, in addition to basic jewelry tools.
I recommend a pair of straight (flatnose) pliers, round nose pliers and flush cutters.

basic jewelry tools 

You will also need wire. I recommend starting with the easily found copper wire--it comes in many colors including silver and gold and it works up very much like the precious metals which you may want to move up to as you gain experience. 20 gauge round wire should be all you need to begin--you can experiment with other gauges as you go along.  This wire is found online and in any of the craft stores--very accessible.


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How to Wire Wrap Your Own Sea Glass



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